Veeder-Root Announces ORVR Hanging Hardware System

Veeder-Root announces its new On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) Hanging Hardware System to help station owners comply with impending ORVR compliance deadlines.  “Our ORVR Hanging Hardware System provides station owners with a quick and affordable solution to ORVR compliance without removing or replacing existing stage-II vacuum pumps or piping,” said Kevin Hughes, Global Product Manager, Air Quality Protection, for Veeder-Root.

Because today’s assist stage-II vapor recovery systems are incompatible with the increasing number of new vehicles equipped with ORVR systems, when these vehicles fuel at service stations, vapors are contained at the vehicle in an onboard canister instead of being pushed out the vehicle tank where they would traditionally have been captured by the stage-II system vacuum. As a result, air is ingested into the storage tank, which leads to vaporized product loss.

The ORVR Hanging Hardware System is designed to detect ORVR vehicles that are incompatible with today’s assist stage-II vapor recovery systems and limit this air ingestion that leads to vaporized product.

“So station owners are able to save money by reducing vaporized product loss while at the same time converting stations to ORVR compliance with a simple hanging hardware swap,” said Hughes.


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