Vectron International Announces Small Form Factor Stratum 3 TCXO

Vectron International, a leader in the design and manufacture of Precision Oscillators and Timing Solutions for Communication, Industrial, Military & Space applications, today announced its new tight stability TCXO. The TX–801 offers ±100ppb stability in a 5mm x 3.2mm footprint. This product will be showcased in Booth 1300 at the MTT–S 2012 trade show in Montreal Canada, from June 19 – 21.

IP based applications have inherited legacy timing requirements, such as Stratum 3 levels of accuracy. Services that are now carried over packet switched networks need to comply with levels of performance that used to be delivered over the circuit switched networks of the past. The TX–801 is optimized for supporting timing requirements over modern IP based networks and meets the reduced cost and footprint expectations set by emerging timing applications.

"Often a reduced cost or small footprint TCXO will claim to be S3 compliant with suppliers just referring to their oscillator's static temperature stability" says Alan Mond, Vice President and General Manager of Vectron's Communication Business Unit. "The TX–801 is optimized for cost and footprint to fit in the new IP based cost models, but it has also been tested for full compliance with legacy S3 performance requirements, including drift and wander generation, making it a truly S3 compliant part in a small footprint".

In addition to the TX–801 TCXO, Vectron also offers customers a range of precision oscillators designed to support timing requirements over IP based networks, along with innovative clock path technology including OCXOs, TCXOs, XOs VCXOs, VCSOs and jitter attenuators that provide ultra low jitter timing solutions.

Key Features
  •     Stratum 3 compliant per GR–1244; supporting GR–1244 wander generation requirements
  •     Temperature Stability of ±100 ppb from –10° to 70°C
  •     Temperature Stability of ±280 ppb from –40° to 85°C
  •     Output frequency Range: 8MHz to 26MHz
  •     Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  •     Output Configuration: CMOS and Clipped Sinewave
  •     Package: 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm x 1.7 mm


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