USB DrDAQ Serves Up a Real ‘Tweet’ for Wildlife Whisperer

An unusual collaboration between an online wildlife community and a technology company is giving people across the world an opportunity to witness the nesting habits of British birds.

Wildlife Whisperer, an online community created by TV presenter Simon King OBE and Jason Alexander, and Pico Technology, a test equipment manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire, have installed cameras, temperature and light sensors in bird boxes in a Suffolk garden. Images from the cameras, and data from the sensors, are streamed live to the Wildlife Whisperer website where the public can witness the day to day activities of nesting Great Tits and Blue Tits.

“Linking the temperature and light data with the images gives a different view on the birds nesting habits” said Jason Alexander, “particularly with the variations in temperature we have seen so far this year.”

Pico’s resident ornithologist, Hitesh Mistry, added “Watching the day to day activity of the birds is very interesting, and a unique use of one of our products”.

Each bird box is fitted with a DrDAQ data logger, to measure temperature and light levels, and a video camera. Software running on a local PC collects all the data and streams this across the internet to the website where users can log on to see the live action. For budding ornithologists who wish to set up their own bird box monitoring stations kits are available from the website.

Summing up the collaboration Jason said ̴I must just say how thoroughly impressed I am with the help Pico have given so far and the way in which they keep their word with regards to getting back to me with updates etc. It’s rare these days to find a company that consistently exceeds my expectations”.


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