The New VARTA Professional Batteries for The Open Seas and Open Roads

Johnson Controls is presenting two new battery ranges for use in water sports, caravans and camper vans at the boot 2011 fair. They are highly reliable and maintenance-free - the right choice for rough conditions on board.

When you are out and about on the water or in natural surroundings, you need to know that you can rely 100% on your power supply battery, especially when extreme conditions are involved. Johnson Controls has the perfect products for such situations. The battery specialist has launched two new ranges of batteries for boats, caravans and camper vans under its brand name VARTA Professional. They boast improved performance and have been developed specifically to cope with the increasing number of electrical devices found on board. The batteries are a reliable source of power for places without electricity sockets and are now available as improved wet cell batteries and in a high-performance AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) version. The leading battery manufacturer will be unveiling both battery versions to the public at the boot 2011 fair.

The robust VARTA Professional Deep Cycle is just the ticket if what you need is a power supply for a large number of electrical devices. It offers a high degree of performance, and is almost twice as cyclically stable as conventional batteries, thanks to its new and improved wet cell technology. The battery is maintenance-free thanks to a special Labyrinth lid. And with its minimal self-discharge, it is perfect for seasonal use.

The VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM draws on the very best battery technology currently available, namely AGM technology. The battery acid is held in a glass mat, with the open structure of the glass mat and the small spacing between the electrodes resulting in a good discharging capacity and high resistance to knocks and shocks.

Together with the battery's excellent cyclic stability, this means the battery will last for a long time. It is securely sealed and is therefore 100% leak-proof. All of these traits make it a reliable partner away from campsites and moorings too.

With VARTA Professional Deep Cycle and VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM, Johnson Controls has developed two extremely efficient and high-performance battery ranges that set new standards for batteries used on boats and yachts, in camper vans and caravans, and which give users maximum freedom and flexibility when far away from coastlines and civilization.


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