The EVO7 with Tension/Lock/Cut Technology Offers a Precision of Operability and Operator Comfort that Cannot Be Found with Any Other Fastening Solution

HellermannTyton, a global manufacturer of cable management and identification solutions that assist in the protection and maintenance of wire and cable systems, introduces the most ergonomic cable tie installation tool which enhances quality, productivity and employee health.

Unprecedented in performance, ergonomic design and innovative attributes, the EVO 7 leads the industry in its ability to accurately and consistently cut a cable tie at the exact tension specified without any operator strain or adjustments.  At the heart of the EVO 7 is its superior TLC (Tension/Lock/Cut) technology that delivers the quick, flush-cut and effortless application of a cable tie. Lightweight and comfortable to operate, this ergonomic tool increases efficiency by reducing unnecessary or awkward exertions, thus improving productivity in the time it takes to complete a task. The EVO 7 features a non-slip handle, two grip spans (regular and short), and a soft-touch trigger that provide greater comfort, control and protection for an operator. And, its narrow nose allows for the smallest cable ties to be applied in the most confined spaces. The EVO 7 is unmatched in its ability to diminish stress on operator hands while delivering the greatest functionality in support of enhanced productivity.

The EVO 7 can be used to fasten all variations of HellermannTyton’s 18 – 80 pound cable ties selected as suitable for any application or situation.


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