Temperature Monitor Indicates Safe Temperature Range

Part of Arcolectric's Smart Indicator range, the temperature monitor is a snap-in device to clearly indicate that refrigeration temperatures are within safe limits.

Upper and lower temperature limits can be factory programmed to suit the application. The monitor provides a visible on/off status indication for the appliance. Normal operation shows continuous blue LED illumination while the monitored temperature is within the 'safe' range between lower and upper limits. Should the measured temperature fall outside of the 'safe' range, the LED illumination changes colour to Red. The unit has a pre-connected temperature sensor on a flying lead, ready for quick installation.

Intended for convenient monitoring of deep freeze, refrigeration, cold storage, chiller or air conditioning operation, giving a visual check of the correct temperature without having to know the exact temperature or the limits.

All Arcolectric's Smart Indicators have an on-board power supply, signal conditioning, a microcontroller with custom firmware, and a choice of LED colours and codes – offering a unique combination of functionality in this compact package size.

Each of the devices have the familiar and convenient snap-in profile that fits standard 30x11mm panel cut-outs, making it fast and simple fast to change existing switches or indicators and upgrade existing equipment with new functionality.


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