Teledyne Relays Announces New LB363/GLB363 LoopBack Relay Series New product designed with built-in 100nF capacitors for AC Bypass

Teledyne Relays introduces the first ever hermetically sealed LoopBack relay. Each LoopBack relay combines two DPDT electromechanical relays in one package that includes an internal bypass path for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) applications. The LoopBack relay combines the technology of two Teledyne RF300 Series relays which eliminates the need for external PCB traces in loop-back test applications. This innovation results in superior signal integrity and RF performance, while taking minimal board space. The LoopBack relay is designed for digital signaling applications and provides excellent signal integrity up to 12 Gbps data rates.

The LoopBack relay is available with two different internal paths: Through and AC Bypass. The Through path provides a loop-back path across high performance contact material, while the AC Bypass path adds a coupling capacitor across each loop-back path. The in-line capacitors allow designers to eliminate the footprints for external components, while performing AC bypass functions internal to the relay. The capacitors used features excellent signal integrity as well as low loss high frequency performance.

A typical loop-back load board application uses the Device Under Test (DUT) to test itself. In this method, the transmitter from the DUT is connected through a loop back path to the receiver of the DUT. The double pole design of the LoopBack relay is perfectly suited for differential signaling, allowing one relay to provide transmit and receive signals and their inversions to the DUT or through the bypass path.

In addition to the thru-hole mount (LB363 Series), the LoopBack Series relay is available in a surface mount configuration with stub leads and a ground shield (GLB363 Series). The surface mount ground shield provides improved high data rate and high frequency performance, as well as improved repeatability. Various ground pin configurations for the through lead models are available upon request.

The LB363 Series measures .335 x .805 x .375 inches, excluding leads (8.51 x 20.45 x 9.52 mm) and weighs .16 ounce (4.53g).

The GLB363 Series measures .335 x .805 x .415 inches, including ground shield (9.53 x 12.96 x 10.54 mm) and weighs .18 ounces (5.10g).


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