Teledyne Relays Announces Family of Surface-mount Relays For High RF Insertion Loss Repeatability

Teledyne Relays today introduced the Series GRF100 and GRF103 nonlatching electromechanical relays, which are designed to provide a practical surface-mount solution with improved RF signal repeatability over the frequency range. With U.S. patent pending, these ultraminiature surface-mount relays employ a butt-lead mounting scheme. They also feature a unique ground shield that insulates and shields each lead to ensure excellent contact-to-contact and pole-to-pole isolation. This ground shield also provides a ground interface that results in overall improved high-frequency performance as well as parametric repeatability - specifically the RF insertion loss, which is ±0.1dB.

The GRF100 and GRF103 relays are the latest in a continuing series of surface-mount relays being developed at Teledyne Relays, according to Ron McConaughy, applications engineer. He said that the relays, having been designed specifically for surface-mount applications, offer performance advantages over similar RF devices that simply offer formed leads to allow for surface mounting.

The GRF100 and the sensitive GRF103 are designed for use in RF attenuators and other RF applications that require dependable high-frequency signal fidelity and performance. Each model is available in two coil voltages - 5 and 12 volts DC. In addition to providing RF performance data such as insertion loss, isolation and VSWR, Teledyne Relays has expanded its relay characterization to include pulse rise time and propagation delay time. The relays are hermetically sealed to offer robust shock, vibration, temperature and ESD resistance as well as EMI shielding.

As members of the Centigrid® family of relays from Teledyne Relays, the GRF100 and GRF103 have a low profile height and .100" grid spaced terminals, making them well suited for applications where extreme packaging density and/or close PC board spacing are required. The GRF100 measures .375 x .375 x .330 inches (8.51 x 8.51 x 8.38 mm) and weighs 0.09 oz. (2.55g). The GRF103 measures .375 x .375 x .435 inches (8.51 x 8.51 x 11.05 mm) and weighs 0.16 oz. (4.5g). The GRF100/GRF103 is priced at $25.97 each in quantities of 500 units. Lead time for delivery is stock to eight weeks.


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