SYLVANIA OCTRON® Fluorescent Lamp Family Celebrates 30 Years of Leadership

North American leader in lighting, OSRAM SYLVANIA officially celebrated the 30th anniversary of the OCTRON® fluorescent lamp family. The day was marked by pulling the 1.5 billionth OCTRON lamp off the production line in Versailles, Kentucky. Employees also enjoyed a small town hall meeting, a catered lunch and a commemorative cake. Mayor Fred Siegelman joined in the festivities and the anniversary made the nightly news.

Nolen Freeman, T8 Line adjuster, pulled the 1.5 billionth OCTRON T8 lamp off the line. Freeman worked on the very first OCTRON line 30 years ago. The first OCTRON lamp came off the line in 1981 and, since then, OCTRON lamps have helped reduce energy consumption by over 1 trillion kilowatt hours, saving over $100 billion in energy costs.

Plant Manager Ron Harris and Mayor Siegelman addressed the shift workers with words of congratulations and gratitude. “The commemoration of OCTRON’s 30 years of success is a reflection of dedicated and passionate employees,” remarked Harris. “It takes a very committed work force to deliver excellence for 30 years. Everyone has an important role, from collecting the sand for glass creation, to loading the trucks with packaged products. The SYLVANIA OCTRON and PENTRON® fluorescent lamps manufactured in Versailles are a success story thanks, in great part, to the hard-working employees on the line.”

OSRAM SYLVANIA has a rich history of US manufacturing and lighting innovation. Several plant employees have extensive service records; some have worked at the plant longer than the OCTRON line introduction. These employees remember the installation of the line, the first product run and every advancement since 1981. In fact, the number of employees with greater than 30 year service records account for 685 total years of service, with an average of 31.1 years per person.

The introductory energy-efficient OCTRON T8 lamps were an industry breakthrough back in the 80s and the family continues to evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace. The OCTRON family has grown to eight lamp types, including its newest member, OCTRON XV, a cost-effective solution that uses fewer rare earth elements.


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