Sunon Offers IP-55 and IP-21 Rated Fans

Sunon, Inc., has announced a new family of weather resistant fans rated for reliable performance in a variety of harsh environments, including dust-proof and water-spray models that meet or exceed requirements per IEC 60529 specifications, including IP-55 and IP-21 conforming standards and sizes. These fans are designed to perform in environments subject to a wide variety of dust, moisture and direct water exposure. Potential applications include use in outdoor security cameras, control equipment, medical equipment and emergency vehicles, field and ground support equipment and indoor/outdoor cooling applications where dirt, grime and high humidity extremes exist.

Sunon’s IP-55 and IP-21 rated units include most popular fans sizes from 40 x 40 x 20mm thickness up to 120 x 120 x 38mm model DC fans, and from 80 x 80 x 25mm square up to 171 x 51mm round AC fans. Test certifications are available. Manufacturing Procedures include a weather resistant test process, including a dual-conformal coating of the main fan assembly. The DC units operate from a nominal 12V supply and deliver up to 115 CFM. For these models, static pressure ranges up to 0.38 inch-H 2O, fan speeds up to 3900 RPM, with noise ratings of <49dBA.

Sunon’s proven ball bearing and Vapo bearing fans with Sunon’s patented MagLev system are available. These water designs can also be specified for direct jet spray ratings, per IP-56, on a special basis (contact factory). All models are supplied with wire leads or can be specified with wire harnessing and application-specific interfaces and electronics as required.

Gene Miltimore, Sales and Marketing Director, stated, “The ability to offer these weather resistant and dust resistant fans expand our marketing base considerably. Several core customers seek this level of environmental protection for outdoor and humidity or moisture-sensitive applications.”

He further stated, “Our ability to offer weather resistance rated to IP-55 and application-specific modifications for interfaces and electrical features can provide an immediate solution for extreme environments.” All models are manufactured in compliance with RoHS Pb-Free materials and processes to meet global expectations for environmental responsibility.

Sunon weather resistant fans are priced competitively for large volume production quantities. Custom requirements, including IP-55 and IP-21 ratings and special configuration requirements can be directed to Sunon, Inc. through their authorized Sales Representatives and Distributors.


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