Sunon Mighty Mini Fan & Super Green Fan win 18th Taiwan Excellence Awards

Having met the user-friendliness and energy-saving technology trends, Sunon received the 18th Taiwan Excellence Awards for its two products “Mighty Mini Fan & Blower 1cm Series” and “Super Green Fan SG4028”. A vital key to high-performance cooling, the “Super Green Fan SG4028” mainly applies to cloud computing, servers, storage cases, workstations, and server power supplies.

As for the “Mighty Mini Fan & Blower 1cm Series”, it realized the dream of a new generation of smaller electronic product design with its innovative micro-technology. Highly appreciated by the judges, it was elected into the Top 30 and also short-listed for the 2010 Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards. It was the only innovative product from the parts and components industry to win this honor and be so recognized by the host organization.


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