Submersible Level Probes Used in Two Marine Energy Generation Systems

The SLP series has been used in two of the most exciting projects for generating electricity from the unlimited resources of marine currents and wave power.

Marine Current Turbines installed Seagen, the world’s first marine turbine to generate renewable, clean energy from tidal water flows, in Strangford Lough in November 2007. The multi-million project is the first of a series of major projects around the world that will use this technology.

An important stage in the installation of Seagen was the attachment of the central monopile into the solid rock below the sea bed. A SLP4AP15 was modified, such that its buoyancy was less than sea water but more that the cement grout used to fix the monopole, and used to detect when the cement grout had reach the correct depth.

Pelamis Wave Power installed their first commercial generator, at Agu├žadoura, Portugal in July 2008. This became the world’s first wave power farm in September 2008, with three wave power machines online generating 2.25MW. A total of 25 machines will eventually be added to this site.

The SLP4 is used in each of the generating chambers, to indicate ingress of sea water into the chamber.This application required the use of PUR cables in the assembly of the SLP4, as this is more resistant to sea water.


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