Struthers-Dunn Expands The Motor Control Contactor Offering To Include Solid State Technology

Historically, the Struthers-Dunn name has been associated with exceptional performance and operational durability in motor contactors and unique relay applications. Our new generation of 645 Solid State Motor Control relays exemplifies the future of Struthers-Dunn and its pursuit of providing technologically advanced devices while maintaining competitive prices.

The 645 series is a UL approved 3 phase motor controlling contactor that relies on 100% Solid State technology. There are no moving parts to wear out and no contacts to weld under heavy operation. The relay is designed to accommodate high power motor loads (up to 75 Amps at 480 VAC) with frequent cycling (10M operations). The 645 footprint provides an excellent solution to the space constraints required by today’s multi-phase motor control or heater applications. Typical applications include industrial compressors and HVAC systems.

The 645R version is a dual input motor reversing relay designed specifically for hoists, commercial doors and heavy machinery controls. This unique relay utilizes AC or DC controlled Solid State devices for reversing phases on three phase loads. Similar to the rest of the 645 line, random turn on or zero cross construction is also available in the 645R Series.

To view the 645RT Solid State Motor Reversing Specifications and other Solid State motor control solutions click on the Motor Reversing Section on our homepage. From our site you are also able to download the 645RT CAD drawing or 3D models from any one of 29 CAD Formats.


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