Static Free™ - Eliminate Electrostatic Discharge in the Workplace

ITW Chemtronics® has designed an effective Static Dissipative system to assist you in your efforts to control possible ESD situations in the work environment. The ITW Chemtronics systems provide all the products required for a comprehensive surface treatment program as recommended by ANSI/ESD 20.20.

Static Free™ Floor Finish is used to dissipate static charges and prevent static charge generation while providing a high gloss finish for conventional flooring. It is long lasting, easy to maintain, and easy to apply to a variety of floors.

Static Free™ Floor Cleaner is designed to complement the floor finish by providing effective cleaning of the surface while enhancing the static dissipative properties of the floor finish. This cleaner is neutral to the floor finish, providing effective cleaning without decreasing the longevity or appearance of the finish.

Static Free™ Floor Finish Remover is designed to quickly remove Static Free™ Floor Finish, and other floor finishes from resilient tile and other hard services. Static Free™ Floor Finish Remover has a low odor and leaves no residue after rinsing.

Static Free™ Baseboard Cleaner is designed to remove heavy soils, wax, and floor finish buildup from baseboards. It is a ready-to use, heavy-duty cleaner packaged in an aerosol delivery system.

Static Free™ Carpet Treatment is a powerful water-based formulation created to prevent static build up on carpet fibers and other fabric surfaces. Its unique formulation controls the generation of static charges on all types of fabric.

Static Free™ Hard Surface Treatment is formulated to provide static dissipative properties on a variety of hard surfaces. This aqueous based formulation is suitable for most non-porous surfaces, dries fast and will rapidly render the surface static dissipative.


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