Solatron ISA Offers Integrated Flow Metering Solution for Subsea Applications

Solartron ISA, a world leader in wet gas flow meters for topside and subsea applications, now offers an integrated flow metering solution on its digital Seastream flow meters, eliminating the need to manually enter complex flow algorithms into a Master Control System. The built-in Seastream FloCalculator flow meter removes complexity and provides unrivalled accuracy through a direct flow measurement output. The result is both lower cost and enhanced well production.

Accurate flow rate measurements require measuring the following variables: differential pressure (DP), pressure (P), and temperature (T). The FloCalculator located within digital Seastream digital flow meters produces the DP and P variables as standard. The process temperature can be fed in from a network master manually or read directly from an external sensor. The mass flow, actual volumetric and standard volumetric flow rates are then provided along with standard process variable outputs.

Solartron ISA customizes each of its subsea meters to ensure compatibility with other project equipment such as remotely operated vehicles, subsea trees, gathering lines, available power and communication protocols. The Seastream FloCalculator also offers a high level of customization with advanced set up parameters, such as temperature correction method, actual fluid density method, polynomial coefficients and meter calibration data. All are configurable using off-the-shelf CANopen network software.

Solartron ISA is among the pioneers of wet gas and subsea flow measurement, including deepwater and ultra-deep water applications. Its flow meters have an unsurpassed field service history, even in the most demanding and hostile installation environments. Its Seastream (single phase) flow meters were specifically developed for subsea injection metering, including water injection, methanol injection and gas lift, and have played a key role in optimizing oil and gas recovery from marginal fields.


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