Software PLC Converts Industrial PC Into a Control System

Using the new software PLC from Phoenix Contact, an industrial PC can handle any control task in real time via Profinet, Interbus or Modbus TCP. Combining PC Worx RT Basic with Phoenix Contact’s Valueline industrial PC equipped with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, the user can configure a high-performance control system with processing times of 0.7 ┬Ás for 1K-bit instructions.

In this configuration, one core is dedicated to real-time control tasks programmed using the PC Worx automation software in all five IEC languages.  The remaining core runs existing programs written in a high-level language or other software and hardware running under Windows. Therefore, programming, visualization, communications and control can be combined in just one device. This can reduce wiring costs, control cabinet sizes and the installation footprint in the plant or system.


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