Selco Products Introduces SWTC3 Thermal Fuse Series to Meet High Current Application Requirements

In response to market demand for applications requiring thermal cut-outs with high current capabilities,Selco Products has introduced the SWTC3 Thermal Fuse Series. The SWTC3 features a 20 Amp rating at 120/250VAC and is suited for use in a wide range of applications including motors, appliances, cooking and heating equipment, HVAC, lighting, automotive, commercial coffee equipment, hand dryers, and hot water appliances.

Selco’s new SWTC3 and original SWTC (10 Amp continuous duty rated) thermal cutoffs are designed to provide reliable upper limit temperature protection. These fuses function as safety devices to disconnect the current to the heating element in case of a malfunction that would otherwise allow the temperature to rise to dangerous levels.

The SWTC3 125/250VAC 20 Amp provides continuous duty thermal fuse rating and a 125/250VAC 31.5 Amp interrupting current.  Functioning temperature ranges are from 162ºF (72ºC) to as high as 464ºF (240ºC) with holding temperatures from 117ºF (47ºC) to 392ºF (200ºC). Its tiny size of just 0.157mm in body diameter and 3.17mm in length allows easy installation into products with tight space constraints. Standard lead lengths are available in 35mm (±3.5) with special lead lengths available on request.  Depending on the model, many of the fuses in the series are UL/cUL and VDE certified. All are RoHS compliant.

“Development of the STWC3 Thermal Fuse Series is one of many examples that show Selco’s commitment to meeting new and existing customer needs,” says Mike Dobson, Selco Product Manager. “We can also design and develop custom SWTC3 assemblies to meet OEM requirements.”

The new series is priced competitively at $0.38 each at 25,000 pieces. Smaller 100-piece quantities are priced at $3.27 each, and 5 through 24-piece quantities at $10.00 each. Lead time is from stock to 6 weeks ARO.


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