Seaweed Aquaculture Level Measurement

The market size of aquaculture, or farming of aquatic organisms, in 2011 was worth over $50 billion globally. Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment within global agribusiness that expands at a 9% annual growth rate. This industry produces 40% of the total seafood consumed that is expected to reach 50% by 2024. With an ever-increasing global demand for seafood, the use of technology in the industry targets the reduction of time-to-market through reduced growing cycle. Optimal growing conditions must be achieved that ensure increased crop yields through growth performance.

At this aqua culture environment in the Southeast, seaweed is being cultivated for use as nori paper in sushi and seaweed powder for dietary supplements. An EchoPod DL24 measures a large saltwater tank, growing the seaweed to guarantee that water level is covering the seaweed. As water evaporates from the open tank, the DL24 turns on a pump and opens a valve to allow more mixed salt water to be brought in for supply replenishment. Volumetric blending of salt water is crucial to maintaining a balanced environment for sustained seaweed growth.


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