Sealed Tactile Switch With Customizable Actuation and Button Height

C&K Components, a global manufacturer of pushbutton, tactile, toggle and rocker switches, as well as smart card interconnect devices, has expanded its popular KSC Series sealed tactile switch offering to include a version with customizable actuation and button height.  The surface mountable KSC9 Series switch delivers a specific actuator with a groove for button clipping and compatibility.  The IP67-sealed KSC9 Series tactile switch features a unique design that provides simple integration by way of adjustable height with buttons, full SMD pick-and-place capability, and overload resistance.

The rugged KSC9 Series has an extended life expectancy of 300,000 actuations, making it ideal for harsh environment applications including industrial electronics, network equipment, and telecommunications devices. 
“The new KSC9 Series switch is a welcome addition to the KSC Series product family.  Not only is it fully compatible for mixing and matching with existing KSC Series designs, but its customizable options make the KSC9 Series able to satisfy virtually any haptic requirement in a variety of harsh environment applications,” said Eric Grange, product manager for C&K Components.    

The SPST momentary switch improves upon other available designs by sustaining better guidance and tactile effects with top actuation capacity. The ideal operating temperature range for the KSC9 Series is -40ºC/+85ºC but can work in specific applications under a peak of up to +125ºC. The operating force of the switch is 2N, 3N, and 4N.


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