Saves Space and Time: Quick-Action Mechanism for PACT Current Transformers

The new quick-action mechanism allows PACT current transformers from Phoenix Contact to be mounted quickly and securely on the power rail - without tools. The transformers can also be secured by hand in areas where a screwdriver does not fit.

Two fixing pins with integrated quick-latching mechanism ensure a tight hold and that assembly time does not depend on the screw-in depth, i.e., the distance between the holding latch and the power rail guided through the transformer.

The ends of the fixing pins press into the power rail by just tightening slightly. This simplifies alignment, especially in the case of a 3-phase supply.

PACT current transformers offer a complete product range for converting alternating currents up to 4000 A into secondary currents of 1 A and 5 A.

The devices are available with a range of different transformation ratios, accuracy classes, and rated power values for your current measurement tasks.

Comprehensive accessories, such as adapters for mounting on DIN rails and copper sleeves for space-saving horizontal assembly, round off the range.


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