SafeNight™ Product Line

Wamco has further expanded its SafeNight™ product line, and now offers NVIS Polymeric Materials in sheet thicknesses up to 0.250”. Wamco’s unique polymeric materials are recognized all over the world for their superior optical and physical performances. Based on proprietary formulations, these materials are designed to absorb very specific portions of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. They are broadly used in applications where the emitted light needs to satisfy stringent requirements of MIL-STD-3009 for night vision compatibility.

The SafeNight™ product line is already well-known in the industry, and was recently acclaimed for its performance in the field as a mission critical optical component for portable devices. Wamco’s materials have been available for years in standard and custom colors with thicknesses ranging from 0.012” to 0.100”. However, today’s designers want the flexibility to integrate optical modification characteristics in very complex forms, and in response, Wamco is now offering its polymeric materials in sheet thicknesses up to 0.250”. As a result, this physical format provides designers the ability to obtain complex machined shapes, with formulations optimized for a finished wall thickness of 0.028”. The materials are, of course, based on Wamco’s proven chemistry and provide unmatched temperature, fire, and shock resistance.

As always, Wamco maintains its dedication to providing superior customer service, and offering material in finished conditions. Whether molded, formed, or machined, the parts can be further customized with different surface finishes such as anti-glare or anti-reflection hard coats.

Wamco’s understanding of light behavior at the quantum level, combined with its expertise in material science and in-depth understanding of optics, has made Wamco a leader in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Wamco has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, Visible, NIR, and Infrared applications.


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