Safe Speed Monitoring with PSR-MOTIONSTOP

Safe downtime and motion monitoring of drive units is now even easier with the new PSR-MOTIONSTOP downtime and speed monitor.

Standard incremental encoders, safe SIL encoders, and proximity switches can be connected to the device with a width of just 35 mm in order to implement the essential safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2.

Semiconductor and relay outputs quickly and safely disable hazardous movements in the event of an error.

The removable display unit and operator interface are used to parameterize the safety module with ease. Existing configurations can be quickly and easily transferred with the unit to other basic devices by means of copy and paste.

If the unit is removed, maximum protection against manipulation continues to be provided, while the basic device continues to operate independently. Furthermore, using several basic devices offers a cost advantage.

PSR-MOTIONSTOP is ideally suited to applications up to SIL 3 in accordance with EN 61508 and EN IEC 62061 as well as for applications up to PL e in accordance with ISO 13849-1.


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