Route Messages Between Ethernet and DeviceNet Networks with New Ethernet/IP-DeviceNet Router from Omron STI

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces NE1A-EDR01 Ethernet/IP-DeviceNet Routers. These UL-listed routers allow the operating condition of a DeviceNet safety system to be configured and monitored from a general-purpose Ethernet device. Using an ED Router makes it possible to set devices, such as Omron STI's NE1A-series Controllers and DST1-series Slaves, from a Network Configurator running on a PC that is connected to an Ethernet or EtherNet/IP Network.

Users will realize additional benefits when multiple DeviceNet devices or DeviceNet Safety Networks are configured for an Ethernet or EtherNet/IP connection using an ED Router. Namely, controller and slave devices that are connected to another DeviceNet or DeviceNet Safety network can be set from a Network Configurator that is running on a PC connected to a DeviceNet or NE1Aseries USB port.


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