Product Spotlight July: Programmable RTD Simulator

Prime Technology, LLC of North Branford, CT introduces the RTD-500, a dynamic programmable RTD simulator designed specifically for performing highly accurate calibration of temperature controllers. For over 40 years, Prime Technology, LLC has been in the business of producing instruments of an accuracy that permits critical testing of production line equipment and others of even higher accuracy that calibrate test instruments.

The RTD-500 has a resistance range from 16 ohms to 10,000 ohms, with an accuracy of +/-0.02°C and temperature stability better that 1ppm/°C. The unit operates within a temperature range of -200 to 850°C and a voltage of 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz. Additionally, each model is conveniently programmable via a RS232 computer interface and offers a user-friendly interface with keypad data entry for value selection and a back-lit LCD display for easy viewing. Weighing less than 9 pounds and enclosed in a robust metal housing make the resistance decades both portable and rugged.

Currently sold in a number of critical industrial applications, the RTD-500 is an excellent instrument for use for the field, laboratory and at automated stations.


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