Probe Thermostats Offer Unlimited Configurations

Selco’s probe thermostats offer virtually unlimited custom housings and harness options to meet unique application requirements. These thermostats feature preset temperatures from 41ºF to 500ºF with reset temperatures from 3ºF to 50ºF, depending on the application requirement. Probe housings are constructed in one-piece stainless steel or brass to provide a permanent seal for immersible applications. All thermostats are over-molded with epoxy selected and rated specifically for your application.  With over 15 off-the-shelf probe mounting configurations to choose from, selecting just the right assembly is easy. Customized options are also available. Terminations can be a simple lead wire or custom connector.  Selco accepts two piece orders for standard products or 10 piece minimum orders for customized designs.

As an example of Selco’s configuration flexibility, a recent application in the irrigation pump industry required an SAE 2-wire connector with strain relief. To accomplish this, Selco attached one connector on the thermostat side and a mating cable on the other side. The resulting assembly featured fast, drop-in-replacement for quick and easy installation. Other applications for probe thermostats include hydraulic systems, motors diesel engines and compressors.


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