POWERLEAN™ In-row Cooling Unit Delivers High Cooling Capacity, Superior Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation for Data Centers

Pentair Technical Products, McLean introduces the POWERLEAN™ In-row Cooling Unit. Designed to provide high cooling capacities while consuming minimal power, these units can be used to supplement cooling systems in data centers, increasing efficiency by delivering cool air directly to high-density racks. For some small rooms with limited cooling requirements, the POWERLEAN In-row Cooling Unit can be used in place of a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC).

Two standard high-capacity cooling models are available: 78" x 24" 31 kW and 78" x 36" 52 kW. Units operate via chilled-water cooling, one of the most efficient cooling mediums. Due to a high-efficiency motor, airfoil fan and additional engineered features, POWERLEAN In-row Cooling Units are more efficient and provide 82 percent energy savings, delivering lower operating costs versus competitive offerings. Models additionally provide superior acoustics, lowering noise levels in data centers.

POWERLEAN In-row Cooling Units are the latest addition to Pentair Technical Products’ complete offering of solutions designed to cool critical networking equipment. While these units can provide a stand-alone solution for rooms with limited cooling requirements, they are primarily used to supplement cooling systems, increasing efficiency in both raised-floor and non-raised-floor data centers.

The addition of in-row cooling units to a data center infrastructure meets the increased demand of today’s higher power density equipment. Since they offer efficient cooling and distribution of cool air—where the cool air is needed most—these units greatly reduce energy consumption, offering an environmentally friendly solution. Row-based cooling architectures featuring in-row cooling units are ideal for modular data centers and evolving requirements, since they support easy scalability and can be implemented according to demand.

"Traditionally, cooling systems for data centers that include a combination of high- and low-density cooling applications were designed according to the needs of the highest density applications," said Kei Cheung, Pentair Technical Products Global Category Manager. "Now, facility managers can implement a row-orientated architecture with cooling capacity targeted to the needs of specific rows." Cheung added, "POWERLEAN units allow customers to future-proof their data centers by eliminating hot spots and allowing a greater overall server load."

Custom solutions are also available to meet unique application requirements. Contact Pentair Technical Products for more information.


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