Pittman Motors Introduces Online Ordering

Pittman Motors, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced PittmanExpress, an online system offering customers the ability to order from a standard list of prototype parts available for 24 hour shipment.  The online ordering system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off-the-shelf DC motor products for concept testing while evaluating their needs for an application-specific customized motor solution.

PittmanExpress offers a wide variety of brush DC, brushless DC, and gearmotors available in various frame sizes, continuous torque ratings, and voltages.  Although the PittmanExpress product offering is just a “sampling” of a much wider DC motor product line, the list is extensive enough to help a product engineer quickly test a design concept.

Continuous torque ratings available on PittmanExpress are 0.80 oz-in to 226 oz-in (0.0057 Nm to 1.593 Nm) for DC brush motors; 6.4 oz-in to 880 oz-in (0.045 Nm to 6.2 Nm) for DC gearmotors; and 7 oz-in to 248 oz-in (0.049 Nm to 1.75 Nm) for DC brushless motors.   Continuous output power ratings are available from 2.8 watts to 447 watts for DC brush motors; 0.087 watts to 55 watts for DC gearmotors; and 24 watts to 755 watts for DC brushless motors.  All 3 product groups offer versions with integrated incremental encoders.

After initial concept testing using parts from the PittmanExpress system, a product engineer can work closely with our applications engineers to create a more customized application-specific solution.  Options include optimized motor windings, unique shaft configurations, various bearing systems, output devices such as pinions and gears, special lead wire assemblies, EMI/RFI suppression networks, and various other features.  Customers can discuss an application in more detail with Pittman engineers at 267-933-2105.

Product applications for Pittman motors are diverse and span a wide variety of high- tech industries including medical instruments, laboratory automation, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, laser and optics equipment, or just about any other application where precision motion is needed.


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