Pharmaceutical Bulk Level Measurement

In 2011, the global pharmaceutical market reached $880 billion. In 2012, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow 5-7% or gross close to $940 billion. This presents tremendous opportunity for level measurement sales as pharmaceutical companies will be spending and estimated $67.4 billion in R&D and expansion alone.

As a result of this ongoing investment, more than 3,000 new medicines are in development to help treat debilitating and costly conditions ranging from cancers to diabetes to rare diseases. This industry is also a vibrant economic engine. Every one of the nearly 650,000 direct jobs created by one of America's biopharmaceutical companies results in an additional 3.7 jobs in other sectors, totaling more than 3.1 million jobs across the economy.

At this pharmaceutical processing plant, an EchoSafe XP88 measures a chemical tank. An EchoSafe was chosen for its explosion proof design as pharmaceutical chemicals are highly volatile and any spark can cause a deadly chain reaction. EchoSafe is FM approved for hazardous environments with its rugged Type 4 aluminum construction while still allowing easy monitoring through its digital display and windowed enclosure.


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