Pentair Technical Products, Hoffman QUICK TRAY PRO™ Cable Tray Offers Enhanced Aesthetics and Expanded Design Flexibility

Pentair Technical Products, Inc. announces the Hoffman QUICK TRAY PRO™ line of cable tray featuring enhanced aesthetics, numerous size offerings and diverse accessories. The line of cable tray features a non-snagging T-weld design, eliminating hazardous sharp edges and catch points, and ensuring reliable cable organization and protection. QUICK TRAY PRO cable tray is available in 2", 4" and 6" depths and widths from 4" to 24" to suit a broad range of design specifications. Fill ratings range from 122 to 2,200 cables, based on a standard CAT 6 cable diameter. Custom sizes are available to suit specific requirements, and accessory splices and connectors allow for integration and compatibility with other cable tray brands and/or legacy installations.

In addition to a broad selection of straight sizes, the QUICK TRAY PRO line includes a comprehensive offering of supporting components, user-friendly accessories—including splices and connectors—brackets, cable guides and supports. Tray and accessories are engineered to consistently distribute cable weight, reducing stresses and pressure points, which can cause performance problems. Cable tray are UL and cUL listed as well as NEMA and NFPA approved.

Meeting the requirements of small to large data centers, the cable tray system is available in pre-galvanized or black powder coated finish to suit versatile requirements and improve aesthetics. Custom finish options include electro-zinc plated, pewter and stainless steel. Cable tray with flat-shaped wire is also available as a custom option. The flat-shaped wire increases contact area with cables, resulting in wire pressure (PSI) 75 percent lower than traditional round wire and improved data transfer.

“As a globally known network equipment industry leader, Pentair Technical Products serves as a single-source provider of high-quality equipment for enclosing and cooling electrical and electronic equipment in data centers, as well as providing integral cable management and support,” said Joe Stark, director of North American Sales Networking, Electronic & Large OEM. “The QUICK TRAY PRO features a robust design, flexible components and versatile accessories, making it an excellent addition to any data center specification.”

Advantages and features of the Hoffman QUICK TRAY PRO that make it particularly reliable and easy to use include:
  • Features a T-weld design to eliminate sharp edges and catch points
  • Distributes cable weight evenly, ensuring reliable cable performance
  • Offers 2", 4" and 6" depths and widths from 4" to 24" to suit versatile requirements
  • Supports fill ratings from 122 to 2,200 cables, depending on the tray size
  • Includes straight sections and a wide range of accessories
  • Offers UL and cUL listing as well as NEMA and NFPA approval
  • Provides versatile finish options for improved aesthetics
  • Features optional flat-shaped wire cable tray that reduces PSI by 75 percent  compared to traditional round wire


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