PBX Series Switches

It has been developed and tested in compliance with current standards (EN 60947, DIN 41636 type F, NF EN 50124-1, NFF 16 101/102).
The electrical configuration of this switch is based on a double insulated failsafe circuit (1 NO 1 NC) with two types of contact (Silver or Gold-plated silver) available, based on the voltages and switching loads involved.

Available in IP40 or IP67 versions, the sealing design is patented.
The PBX switch has a mechanical service life of 10 million cycles and features a long pushbutton travel range after reaching the electrical switching point, which helps to absorb any deviations from mechanical tolerances during equipment wear over time.

The modularity of the range means that there is a vast range of readily available configurations to choose from:
- Screw or tag terminals
- Standard or low level version
- Mounting plates, protective cover
- Dummy roller lever

What’s more, the PBX switch can be adapted to your applications by adding special connections and outputs, as well as customised actuators and an insulation cover.


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