Oven Tracker XL2 Temperature Profiling System

Datapaq, worldwide leader in temperature profiling, is exhibiting the Oven Tracker XL2 temperature profiling system - the latest generation of Oven Tracker systems which has become the industry standard for the automotive and premium paint industry. The advanced XL2 system offers revolutionary new functions, while ensuring routine oven profiling is easier, quicker and more comprehensive. The XL2 consists of data logger, thermal barrier, thermocouples and analytical software, and is available in 6 or 8 channels. New features include:
  •     Smartpaq - LED indicator tells you immediately upon oven exit if your process is in control and your run was successful based on your choice of pass/fail criteria.
  •     Multiple Run Capability - Enhanced memory is capable of handling 10 consecutive runs before the information needs downloading to a computer.
  •     Hardwired Telemetry - use outside your batch oven and transmit live data directly to your computer.
The XL2 also features Datapaq's powerful Insight™ software. Users can now choose between Professional and Basic functionality packages to suit their specific needs. Wizards guide users step-by-step through the set up of key analysis features making it easy to use for the technical specialist to the line operator.


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