OSRAM SYLVANIA Introduces Distributed Array Family of LED Substitutes For Linear Fluorescent Systems

Continually at the forefront of solid-state lighting (SSL) innovation, North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA introduces its Distributed Array portfolio of LED systems designed to replace linear fluorescent systems with more efficient LED solutions while providing comparable or improved light quality. The flexible and innovative Distributed Array portfolio offers a solid-state alternative for fluorescent systems in ambient lighting applications ranging from offices to retail environments.

Available in four different board sizes, the Distributed Array boards consist of multiple low-power LEDs in a precise layout that enables thermal self-management and eliminates the need for supplemental heat sinking. The precise distribution of the low-power LEDs generates even, diffuse light, minimizing glare, maximizing optical efficiency and reducing “hot spots,” or dark areas often created between lamps of fluorescent systems. Aside from having an extended service life rated at 50,000 hours, the Distributed Array LEDs are dimmable to 10 percent, allowing for further flexibility and efficiency in a variety of applications.

Utilizing state of the art LED technology, the Distributed Array portfolio is also available in three high-performance modules, each offering a different balance of light output and efficacy for illumination applications. The “high efficacy” module delivers up to 120 lumens per watt with a slim profile ideal for fixtures designed for T5 lamps. The “high brightness” module designed for T8 lamps delivers over 1000 lumens with tight color control.  The “balanced performance” module is an energy efficient array driven at low current while maintaining color consistency. Thanks to its modular and intelligent design, the system simplifies luminaire design, while minimizing materials and reducing waste. The LED Distributed Array portfolio is RoHS compliant and UL recognized and exceeds both ANSI and IEC criteria for color tolerance of fluorescent lamps

Incredibly efficient, the OSRAM SYLVANIA LED Distributed Array LED modules are designed for optimum performance when paired with OPTOTRONIC® OT50 constant current power supplies for maximum system efficiency and life expectancy.


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