Omron STI's New Safety I/O Terminals Deliver Fixed Response Time for Improved Productivity in Safety Networking Applications

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces DST1-XD0808SL-1 Safety I/O Terminals. The DST1-XD supports 6 safety inputs and 8 safety outputs (semiconductor output), and is capable of storing simple logic. This allows local outputs to be directly controlled by local inputs, giving the user a maximum response time of 18.7 ms - potentially less than 1/6 the response time of competitive safety I/O terminals. The typical response time of a safety I/O terminal can be longer than a stand-alone system, since it is dependent on the network system structure. As a result, the fixed maximum response time is a significant feature in that it quickly and safely moves a machine to a safe state irrespective of the network structure, the number of I/O modules or overall program complexity. This allows users to calculate safe mounting distances independent of these variables and to mount machine safeguards closer to the potential hazard for improved machine productivity.

The DST1-XD can act as a DeviceNet Slave, allowing safety input and status information to be monitored via a DeviceNet Master. Each safety output can be controlled through a network signal, or used as an auxiliary output function. Maintenance functions can measure the number of operations or the operating time for the safety devices. Spring-cage connectors facilitate easy wiring. Screw terminal blocks are available for purchase as an optional accessory. These safety I/O terminals are IEC/EN61508 (SIL3) and EN954-1 (Cat. 4) certified.


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