Omron STI's G7Z High Capacity Power Relay Provides Unrivaled Load Switching Capability in Compact, RoHS Compliant Package

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the G7Z high capacity power relay - a compact and powerful alternative in applications where bulkier and less efficient contactors have traditionally been used and consumed valuable panel space. Historically, conventional power relays have been limited to use in applications up to 25 A, but the rugged G7Z is designed and insulated to continuously apply up to 40 A at 440 VAC, or up to a maximum of 160 A using 4-pole parallel connections for full power application.

The G7Z series is RoHS compliant and consumes less than 4 W DC power, and is approximately 40% smaller and 30% quieter when compared with traditional contactor solutions. That reduces energy consumption and saves valuable control panel space. The G7Z provides EN 60947-4-1 certified safety functionality via mirror contact mechanisms that use a combination of the relay and auxiliary contact blocks, and is quickly and easily mounted to a DIN track.


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