Omron STI Introduces G9SX-LM Low-speed Safety Monitoring Unit

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the G9SX-LM Low-speed Safety Monitoring Unit. Consisting of two proximity sensors and a G9SX safety controller with fault diagnostics, the G9SX-LM is a Category 3 (EN954-1), SIL 3 (IEC/EN 62061) certified redundant safety system that monitors and confirms motor rotation speed to facilitate safe machine maintenance. The system can also provide standstill monitoring.

The G9SX-LM allows an operator to access the machine for maintenance work while the machine is running at a safe, maximum set operating threshold of 10 Hz. Should the motor speed exceed the preset speed, the G9SX-LM will stop the machine immediately. An optional A4EG Enabling Grip Switch provides an additional layer of safety protection that, if pressed or released, will also immediately stop the machine.

The G9SX-LM is certified to all relevant North American and International safety standards and is engineered to deliver reliable standstill and low-speed monitoring operation for machine tools, printing presses and other applications. The system is suitable for use with servomotors.

The G9SX-LM is rated for 24 VDC operation, and is available with spring-cage or screw terminal blocks. It has eight semiconductor outputs - two instantaneous safety outputs, two safety slow-speed/stopping detection outputs, and four auxiliary outputs. Detailed LED indicators provide easy-to-read and understand diagnostics.


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