Off-Hwy Engineering Magazine Appreciates Intuitive Solutions

"Design teams are employing a number of technologies to help improve operator efficiency," according to the article titled "Easy to Control" in Off-Highway Engineering magazine. "These efforts go beyond the combination of electronics and software, to include ergonomics" continues the article. 

Grayhill's 3J Series Vehicle Display Controller is referenced because of the improved ergonomics it enables.

Off-Highway Engineering is a magazine published by SAE International.  The Society of Automotive Engineers is an association dedicated to advancing the engineering of mobility systems.

Grayhill's Series 3J Vehicle Display Controller (VDC) is an operator interface device for on-board software. The VDC features an optical rotary encoder for scrolling through menu options and a center pushbutton for selecting options. Five "hot key" pushbuttons are placed around the center shaft to quickly pull up the most common functions. Legends on the hot keys can be chosen from a library of ISO standard legends or customized with new symbols.  An optional 8-way joystick provides cursor control for navigating on-screen.  CANopen and J1939 protocols are available as standard options.


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