Ocular’s 17.0-inch Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch Receives Best in Show Award

Ocular’s largest standard  Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch projected capacitive touch panel received a Best in Show award at the 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition that took place June 3-8 at the Boston Convention Center.   Out of over 180 exhibitors, the top five featured products at Display Week were selected by an independent panel of display experts. Products were selected based on their ability to generate interest and excitement within the display community as well as the general public and global media.

SID Display Week is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the field of electronic-information displays and features products from some of the largest display providers in the industry.  Exhibitors at the conference ranged from small corporations to Fortune 500 companies and showcased a wide variety of products.  TFTs, touch panels, dual-vision televisions and opto-electronics are just a few of the products and industries showcased at the conference.

"As the only touch product to receive a Best in Show award, we are extremely honored to have been chosen by the SID panel of industry experts," said Joe Fiamingo, president and CEO of Ocular. "There were well-known companies featured at the exhibition and we take pride being selected as a winner alongside other innovative and prestigious display providers.  I believe winning a Best in Show award reinforces our leadership position in the touch industry."

Ocular’s 17.0-inch Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch panel features the Atmel® maXTouch® mXT1716E controller and is the largest touch panel in production to utilize Atmel’s maXTouch controllers.  Measuring 400 mm by 258 mm, the 17.0-inch Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch, in combination with the maXTouch mXT1716E, provides up to 16 simultaneous touch points and has the sophistication to identify and disregard unintended touches.

"It's an honor to be recognized alongside Ocular for this Best in Show Award," said Jon Kiachian, vice president of touch marketing, Atmel Corporation. "Powering Ocular’s 17.0-inch Crystal Touch touchscreen, Atmel’s maXTouch mXT1716E controller is one of our company’s flagship products specifically built to support 17-inch touchscreens. This award is further testament to our understanding of market needs and our ability to provide innovative touch solutions."


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