New Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame for Wood and Light Frame Construction Debuts at PCBC

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces its Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame, a unique lateral system solution for both new construction and soft-story retrofit. The Special Moment Frame is designed to ease installation and offers quick specification using readily available design software.

The new Strong Frame Special Moment Frame is built upon patented yield link technology. In a large seismic event, the beam-to-column links are designed to bear the brunt of inelastic deformation demands, keeping the structural integrity of the beams and columns intact. With bolt-on/bolt-off ability, the links are fully replaceable if damaged. The yield link technology also allows the Strong Frame Special Moment Frame to be designed without lateral bracing from the beam to the attached roof or floor diaphragm.

The frame is available in 198 pre-engineered sizes and can also be custom-engineered using Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame® Selector Software. All specialty bolts are installed at the factory, so no special tools are required in the field.

With straightforward installation and prompt lead times, the Special Moment Frame is an economical solution for both new construction and soft-story retrofit in wood and light frame structures.


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