New Safety Network Controller Can Eliminate Programming with Pre-Configured, TUV-Certified Templates

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the NE0A-SCPU01 Safety Network Controller. The NE0A provides twelve safety inputs, two test outputs and six safety outputs. This safety network controller can be used as a standalone controller, a safety slave or a DeviceNet standard slave. The NE0A is unique in that it features pre-configured and TUV-certified program templates for the user to select based on an application's safety requirements, potentially eliminating any programming needs. Users can easily create safety circuits and save them as templates and reuse them on multiple NE0A units for fast, simple standardization.

The NE0A includes safety function blocks for e-stop, door switch, external device monitoring (EDM), safety light curtain, limit switch, enabling switch and mode selector. The NE0A is a cost effective safety network control solution ideal for smaller safety networking applications that have a smaller number of I/O points. For larger safety networking applications, Omron STI's NE1A series programmable safety network controller can be used.

Potential applications include automobile parts on automotive lines, semiconductor lines or cells, flat panel display lines or cells, printing and packaging machines, machine tools, molding machines, electronic components and manufacturing equipment for office automation products.

A force set/reset feature allows users to simulate signals from the network, enabling them to debug the NE0A independent of the network. A USB port allows direct USB connectivity to a computer so that an NE1A master is not required for programming. NE0A operating conditions can be monitored from a standard DeviceNet Master, and network expansion is possible by adding an NE1A Safety Controller to the network. Network Configurator software version 2.1 or higher is required for programming the NE0A.


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