New Release of Miniature Slide Switch "CL-SA"

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS CORP. released this month new product Miniature slide switch “CL-SA series”.

In industrial instruments and industry of communication equipments, a jumper pin is used for connection and for switching on the circuit board. We are targeting to replace jumper pin for circuit connection and for easy substitution. Our slide switch can reduce the space on the PCB and contribute to reduce mounting process man power.

This product is possible for continue arrangement and used on the circuit board with 2.54mm pitch terminal. It is to support for flow solder mounting. We increased the operate section size to improve operation ability. It is possible to switching without jig. Moreover, there is no short bar like a jumper pin. It is worry free from falling off and loss.

By optimization of structure or material on contact section, it is possible to support rated current 500mA. Moreover, this product contact point is used gold plated with heat resistance resin material. The product is with stability contact, high reliability under high temperature/high humid.


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