New Release of Miniature DC Fan Motor "F17FA"

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS CORP. released this month new product 17x17x5 mm miniature DC fan Motor "F17FA series".\

This product is designed with less rotating speed to achieve a high air flow. We are foreseeing that the products will be more and more compact size.We are aiming for video equipment, information, and communications equipment.

In the past of miniature fan, to keep wind volume, the rotate speed has to be more than 10,000rpm with high rotation.Due to this, there is an objection on noise to resolve. The rotating speed of this product is air flow 0.01㎥/min at 7,000 rpm. It is a breakthrough new products to improve the noise with high wind volume.

The thickness of this product is 5mm. It is possible to mount at inner gap of the product. Especially, we achieved a great effectiveness on spot cooling (‐20℃) at PCB IC. It is a differentiation product. In addition, NIDEC COPAL CORPORATION is manufacturing this product.


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