New Release of Handy Manometer "PG-100B"

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS CORP. released this month new product measuring liquid pressure Handy manometer "PG-100B".

This product was developed as the pressure check and and pressure monitoring of gas/liquid by a handy type with built in battery.

It is a diffusion-type semiconductor device used for a pressure sensitive element, and SUS316L is used for a diaphragm. Moreover, the digital temperature compensating circuit was adopted. It is achieved small lightweight, high precision, and high corrosion resistance.Moreover, it is installed exclusive microcomputer to enrich the zero adjustment, auto-power-off, and a unit switching (for overseas).

With built-in protective cover to protect the body. Furthermore it is using AAA battery (2pcs.) as the power supply and supports analog output by a exclusive connector.

The main market is used for wide range, such as Measuring liquid pressure of water treatment equipment, and Measuring liquid pressure of plant equipment of chemistry, medicine, food, and controls at main pressure of compressor.


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