New Power-Spade™ Requires Less Force Than Competitors' Spade Drill Bits

Spade drill bits are essential tools routinely used by electricians who do wiring and cabling, especially for drilling holes in wood for conduit runs. However, traditional spade bits have proven to be slow, often vibrate badly during drilling, and will dull after just a few uses.

The IDEAL Power-Spade™ spade bit helps eliminate these problems to provide an increased level of performance, whether the user is boring through wood, cement board, composite enclosures or ceiling tile. Designed to meet the requirements of professional electricians, the Power-Spade is a giant leap forward in terms of speed, hole quality and ease of use.

Sporting a unique full-cone threaded tip, the Power-Spade™ operates fast, requiring up to 50% less force to achieve even faster cuts than other leading competitors' spade bits. Self-feeding action promotes smoother, vibration-free drilling while the contoured paddle quickly removes chips from the hole, preventing lockup. This contoured paddle also creates a more aggressive cutting blade angle than traditional straight spades, resulting in faster penetration and removal for optimum hole finish. Breakouts are virtually eliminated by the bit's spur and reamer that perfectly scribes the outside of holes.

IDEAL uses its design expertise to offer a dependable product in a size range of 1/2" to 1-1/4", including standard shank bits and "stubby" short shank models (3/4", 7/8", 1") that permit access in tight areas such as between studs or inside cabinets where standard length spades will not fit. A separate carbide pilot is available for abrasive material boring.


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