New PCB Adapter for EAO Emergency-Stop Button

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, has introduced a new PCB adapter for the Series 84 Emergency-stop button.

The adapter enables Series 84 Emergency-stop and Stop Switches to be mounted directly on the same circuit board as other Series 84 PCB products. This was previously not possible due to the different behind-panel mounting depths.
Product designers will find the adapter especially useful for compact control panels which must feature an Emergency-stop but are limited by behind-panel space.

The Series 84 PCB range comprises 22.5mm, PCB-mount switches, including a programmable pushbutton with multi-coloured ‘halo’ illumination. When combined, the range offers new possibilities for creating more innovative, reliable and intuitive control panels. They are typically used for machinery, automation and process control equipment, as well as medical and instrumentation devices.


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