New CompactPCI Serial System Features High-Speed Data Transfer Capability

New from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is a complete 4U, 9-slot subrack system based on the recently released CompactPCI Serial specification. The system takes full advantage of the specification’s high-speed serial bus topology to deliver a data transfer rate of up to 32Gbit/s via PCIe, 10GbE, S-ATA, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interfaces.

Particularly suitable for applications in the process, industrial control, defence and transportation sectors, the new CompactPCI Serial system comprises a subrack, backplane, fan tray and power supply.

The shielded 19in. aluminium chassis is 4U high and has a depth of 275mm. Featuring a perforated top cover and base plate, it is supplied with front handles and a set of guide rails to enable it to be populated with 3U-high boards.

The 9-slot backplane – providing one system slot and eight peripheral slots - conforms to PICMG CompactPCI-S.0 and can be specified with or without rear I/O. Effective cooling of the system is ensured by a 1U hot-swap fan tray under the board cage.

Operating from a wide input range of 100 to 240VAC, the built-in 300W ATX power supply features an IEC AC input socket, mains switch and dedicated fan. In addition, the CompactPCI Serial system includes plug-in units for DVD and hard-disk drives, as well as various 3U front panels.


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