New AdvancedMC Modules Feature Low-Profile Push-Pull Handle

Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has introduced a new family of AdvancedMC modules that incorporate an innovative push-pull handle with a much lower profile than conventional alternatives.

Fully compliant with the PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 specification, the new handle is designed for microswitch activation and features an integral blue LED with light-pipe for clear visual indication of module status during hot-swap.

To remove a module from a system, the user simply presses on the black button - which springs forward - and then pulls the handle out to unlock the module and extract it.

Available with either stainless-steel or aluminium U-shaped front panels, the modules come in single and double, mid-size and full-size versions, as defined in the AdvancedMC standard. Filler modules are available in the same range of sizes.

All module and filler variants are fully shielded, using lateral and lower EMC gasketing and copper-nickel coated textile cladding.


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