New 2U-High VME64x System Offers Four Slots for Horizontal Board Mounting

New from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is a fully assembled, wired and tested VME64x subrack system that can accommodate up to four 6U boards mounted horizontally in an enclosure just 2U high.

This compact, space-saving system is particularly suitable for telecommunications, instrumentation and control, automation and military applications.

The new system consists of a black, powder-coated steel plate case with a built-in monolithic VME64x backplane that meets the VITA 1.1-1997 specification and is equipped with P0 connectors.

To the right of the VME64x backplane is a 3U-wide power backplane with two P47 connectors, which allows two 19in. compatible 250W PSUs to be installed for redundant operation. If a second PSU is not required, one of these slots can be used for other components such as hard disks.

All slots are provided with guide rails, including coding to IEEE 1011.10/.11, and ESD clips. Efficient cooling of the subrack system is ensured by a hot-swappable fan tray incorporating two powerful yet low-noise fans, further aided by the 75% perforation of the side panels. Two LEDs are provided on the front panel for monitoring the fan and supply voltages.


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