MSM LA - Robust Latching Action Switches in Attractive Metal Design

The robust switch type MSM LA from SCHURTER has been redesigned and is now also available with point illumination. For displaying the switching status or for providing visibility during night-time use, the illumination colors red, green and blue are available. The switch is designed with either a one- or two-pole contact, and is intended for a switching capacity of 250 VAC max. and 12 A max. For direct voltage, the switch was tested up to 125 VDC.

The MSM LA is available in 19 mm and 22 mm mounting diameters and suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C. It provides physical and visual indication and may also be used in conjunction with audible devices required by ADA. With an actuating travel greater than 5 mm, the MSM LA is ideal for use in applications where increased feedback of the switching status (ON/OFF) is required.

Additionally, the switching status is easy to discern by looking at, or feeling, the resting position of the actuator. In the OFF state, the actuator position protrudes from the housing; in the ON state, it is depressed into the housing. This provides a user-friendly actuating function and also prevents inadvertent switching, e.g. caused by objects leaning on the switch.

The standard type as well as the versions with ring illumination and now also point illumination may be provided with lettering using standard or customer-specific characters. The laser lettering process is carried out in-house.

Due to the stable stainless steel housing as well as the high impact strength, the switch is particularly suitable for use in devices with rough ambient conditions or for vandal-proof applications.


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