More Safety for Plants Using Natural Refrigerants - GreenTech EC Fans Now Also Available for Ex-Areas

Whenever natural and inflammable refrigerants are used, the protection provisions for hazardous areas apply as of a filling capacity of 50 grammes. Yet even in such cases, the energy-saving characteristics of EC fans can now be taken advantage of, as ebm-papst Mulfingen has developed an energy-saving GreenTech EC motor for use in Ex-zones 1 and 2.

The performance characteristics allow this new motor to be used in axial fans with diameters ranging from 630 to 990 mm, and in centrifugal fans of size 400 to 710 mm. Clearly, this opens new horizons as a suitable solution can now be found for practically every application in refrigeration and air-conditioning. And as the motor is classified “II 2 G Ex d e ib IIB T3 Gb” and thus complies with the provisions for hazardous areas, any fan equipped with this motor may also qualify for other, less hazardous areas, e.g. for ventilation of Zone 1 areas where petrol fumes are to be expected occasionally.

Just as with our standard motors in GreenTech EC technology, this new ex-protected variant by ebm-papst has its power electronics completely integrated in the motor. Of special advantage is the proven external-rotor design, as the axial blades or centrifugal impellers can be mounted directly on the rotor, i.e. directly on the “housing” of the motor. This results in compact dimensions and makes for very simple cooling, as the motor is instantly cooled by the air that the fan it drives delivers. The electrical interface provides two analogous inputs (0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA), a 0 ... 10 V output for the speed signal and a voltage supply of +10 V and +24 V. Naturally, the materials used for the fan blades respectively impellers have to comply with the provisions for hazardous areas. Together with natural refrigerants, this makes for a logical combination, enabling you to be consistently eco-friendly in your decisions to a degree hitherto unknown.


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