Molex FAKRA II SMB Connectors Meet High Mechanical and Environmental Requirements of the Automotive Industry

Molex Incorporated today launched the FAKRA II SMB connectors, offering enhancements to the original high-performance FAKRA connector. Meeting both American and German FAKRA automotive standards, the improved connectors offer a 360º rotation for easy routing inside the automobile and a secondary plug locking latch for increased reliability. Molex will showcase the product in booth 515 at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS), June 17 to 22, Montréal, Canada.

“The FAKRA II connectors answer the automotive industry’s increasing demand for on-board telematic services and connectors that improve functionality at a competitive cost,” said Roger Kauffman, marketing and sales manager, Molex. “The system also retains compatibility with the original FAKRA connector, making it ideal for multiple telematic applications including GPS systems, Satellite Radio, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and keyless entry.”

The FAKRA II provides numerous keying options and color codes for design flexibility and ease-of-reference. The cable mounted jacks and plugs provide additional versatility while the stamped contacts and machined or diecast bodies reduce the price over the original, fully machined FAKRA connectors. Because it is a drop-in replacement connector, customers can easily replace a different manufacturer’s FAKRA II connectors with the Molex component.


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